The O.C. - The Complete Third Season Review

The third season of The O.C. was a huge disappointment after the wildly successful first season and the pretty good second season. This year, the kids are seniors and college is on the horizon. Ryan romances a dull newcomer, acts like he's 40 years old, and has way too little screen time. Marissa, once the queen of Harbor School, goes to public school with some unsavory new friends. Summer and Seth spend most of their time bickering, as do Sandy and Kirsten. Only spunky Julie Cooper stays true to her character as she merrily copes with new-found poverty and an unexpected new love.

What made the show great in the beginning was seeing Ryan adjust to the Newpsies and the on-again, off-again romances of the "Core Four" and their parents. Sadly, this season that all took a back seat to tedious guest-star story arcs featuring unlikable and off-putting characters.

Even with all its shortcomings, though, this season is a must for OC fans and it does end in a surprisingly exciting finale. 3.5 stars.

The O.C. - The Complete Third Season Feature

The O.C. - The Complete Third Season Overview

Senior year. Prom. Graduation. College visits. Old friends. New problems. And plenty of Korean popstars. Ryan's savior complex becomes a recipe for disaster. Seth and Summer's relationship hits the rocks thanks to Seth's compulsion to edit the truth. As Kirsten attempts to put her life back together, Sandy assumes leadership of the Newport Group and finds himself the heir-apparent to Caleb Nichol's legacy of scandal. Marissa spirals out of control after little sis Kaitlin - a Julie Cooper in the making - returns home to stir the pot. And speaking of Julie Cooper, she's cast out of her Palace - into the slums of the OC.

DVD Features:
Music Video:Making of The Subways music video
Featurette:What's In a Name?
Featurette:From Script to Screen - The Party Favor
Gag Reel
Other:Pass The Remote - Scene surfing Commentary.

The O.C. - The Complete Third Season Specifications

Welcome to the dark side. At the end of The O.C.'s second season, Marissa (Mischa Barton) shoots the troubled Trey to stop him from strangling his brother, Ryan (Ben McKenzie). She saves her boyfriend's life, but it leads to her expulsion from Harbor High--just as she was to begin her senior year. Meanwhile, Ryan's guardian, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), is doing time in rehab. It won't be easy for her to stay dry with two-faced resident Charlotte (Jeri Ryan, Shark) making every attempt to take advantage of her vulnerability. Ever the hothead, Ryan recovers in time to punch out the mean new dean (Eric Mabius, Ugly Betty), who expels him next. So, Kirsten's husband, Sandy (Peter Gallagher), hires a tutor, while Marissa attends public school where she falls in with the surfing crowd, including the besotted Johnny (Ryan Donowho). Arguably, Marissa's newly widowed mother, Julie (Melinda Clarke), is hit hardest when she finds that husband Caleb (Kirsten's father) didn't leave behind as much money as expected. Then the mansion is repossessed, and wild child Kaitlin (Willa Holland) returns from boarding school. And that's just the beginning of Julie's woes.

By the finale, two of these people will be gone forever, but it wouldn't be The O.C. if there weren't some bright spots along the way. College-bound couple Seth (Adam Brody) and Summer (Rachel Bilson) are still full of quips, the Tracy Flick-like Taylor (Autumn Reeser), who plays a bigger role in the next season, is a welcome addition, and the soundtrack is jam-packed with material from the likes of MIA, Gang of Four, Sufjan Stevens, Lady Sovereign, and the Subways, who appear in "The Anger Management." Sadly, this would be the last full season of The O.C. as only 16 episodes were produced for the fourth and final year. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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